Hopedale Trucking is dedicated to offering the highest quality landscape materials. We have been providing landscape materials in the South County area for over 40 years. Our products include bark mulch, screened loam, compost, sand, crushed stone, and much more. We pride ourselves on our quick, dependable service and repeat business.

Our hemlock and pine bark mulches have been satisfying customers for the past 25 years. Fifteen years ago we also began to produce our own hardwood bark mulch as an alternative to the hemlock and pine bark mulches that we offer. We take pride in our pine/hardwood blend mulch because it will eventually breakdown, providing organic nutrients to the soil. Our product line continues to expand with more choices of mulch blends and colors.

Over the years we have also expanded our delivery capabilities. We can deliver anything from a single cubic yard of material to very large quantities. We have trucks of several different sizes to accommodate all your landscaping needs.